It is a common myth that Agile is a “developer thing.”.

I have successfully leveraged Agile for very large infrastructure, data transformation, and business process engagements.

There is no one implementation of Agile. Every organization needs to fit Agile into their operating model. I work with firms to implement Agile methodology and lead Agile training which leads to Change Management and adapting cultural attitudes. I work with executives to show them the advantages, and the changes that will be required in moving to Agile. I perform analysis of current state workflows, train and coach resources in Agile project management.

In today's agile prototype and development world we are often challenged between robust documentation and quick entry into the prototype and development process. I find that some people who have always practiced in a waterfall environment are still entrenched in complete documentation before configuration and dev begins. Then again those that are very focused on agile development sometimes want every component documented in agile platforms such as JIRA, Confluence, Slack, and others.

These opposite ends of the spectrum are often at odds but I see an opportunity to build some documentation in advance as a measure of what is to be designed a built. That is define and get buy-in on the problem statement. Agile CAN be used to gather requirements as other teams are working on development. As the architecture, configuration and development are completed, complete documentation will be created. That is why I believe that the business requires some initial documentation, to enable key stakeholders to see features, business process flows, and high level architecture. Stakeholders do not have the time to review the agile documentation that is in an Agile tool (such as JIRA).

The steps that I usually follow for Agile methodology training are:

  • Perform analysis of current state project plans

  • Document (visualize) current state workflows to uncover areas of inefficiency

  • Create draft mapping for waterfall project plans to EPICS and Agile stories with Agile Process Flows

  • Develop plan for Agile implementation and perform analysis of SCRUM vs. Kanban for the enterprise

  • Lead 1-2 day training for business, marketing, technology, data & analytics, and QA teams in Agile methodology

  • Coach cross-functional or individual teams through Agile sprint 1 & 2 to ensure adherence to methodology and best fit for enterprise

  • Agile system(s) JIRA Agile training and configuration

  • Develop and or customize training materials for long term sucess