River Road Consulting is built on 20 years’ of business, technology, and digital experience combining strategic, operational, and technology expertise directing mission-critical, web and mobile systems. The firm's expertise in conceptualizing and executing strategies on time and within budget building trusting long-term client relationships with CEOs, CIOs and CMOs are backed by many long-term engagements and continuing relationships long after projects are completed. As the Principal, I have years of experience in work to support the strategic direction of the businesses with long-term strategy, project and product (Agile) design, and technology elements for client facing and internal enterprise platforms. I run a technology agnostic consultancy with respect to the platforms, tools, and systems that my clients uses, and therefore have a wide experience across many platforms and go into evaluations and vendor diligence with a very open mind. View the client list for strategic and implementation projects.

Core Service Offerings

  • Program and Project Management

    • Manage all facets of programs and projects and work with or establish PMO in larger organizations

  • Product Development and Management

    • create new or modify existing B2B and B2C applications and platforms

  • Agile Transformation

    • Planning, Operating Models, Training & Coaching (Scrum Master & Product Owner Roles)

  • Data Analysis and Strategy

    • Analysis of legacy systems, transformation strategy and what and how to leverage data

  • Technology & Platform Analysis & Remediation

    • Analysis, documentation, integration planning, future state architecture, vendor & system due diligence, includes SEO on customer facing portals and sites


    • Optimize technology and business audit teams for more granular and timely findings

River Road Consulting works with clients and guides their projects and strategic initiatives with one key principle: listen to the client. As I understand the client's goals, which should include the goals of their end users as well, then it's time to start looking for issues with resources, operating model(s) legacy technology, data acquisition, business process, application quality, and content strategy & governance. Here again it's important to not make an assumption about the source of the problems. Don't assume that it's a design, content, analytics, or technology challenge, it's probably a combination of these.

I believe that at this point it's important to know what the clients sensibilities are, what they appreciate, and what drives their users (B2B, B2E, or B2C) to engage with their platform. Ultimately a good consultant will guide the client to the strategy which will increase the efficacy of their digital systems, businesses and platforms.

program & project & IT Systems management

product requirements and Management

Agile Transformation & Training/Coaching

Data Strategy & Analysis