Imagine being able to work with an experienced consultant, technologist, and digital strategist with years of large consulting firm and digital agency experience. I have led projects from managing complex programs, to creating new operating models for Fortune 100 firms, enterprise digital transformations, Agile transitions, and innovative product design and implementation engagements. I provide clients with senior-level consulting and digital services, free of the large overhead and redundant personnel associated with large firms. I create strategies and roadmaps to move the needle on digital eco-systems, data driven marketing and content programs, and digital brand enablement. My advice and recommendations are based on data and analytics that will allow you to achieve your goals and are not contingent on large technical implementations but provide truly honest advisory services on digital, content, and data transformation. I have deep technical skills (Computer Science Degree from Columbia University) yet my approach is driven by the desire for engagement and revenue growth with relevant technology dependencies and architectures that will enable these strategies.

I get my hands dirty and build deliverables

I leverage years of strategic and implementation projects in the digital space across many innovative firms in the financial service, media and telecom, manufacturing, CPG, and healthcare/life science verticals. I have worked with mid-market firms and large enterprises filling the roles and duties as needed in each type of organization, as long as I am needed. I find that although the business processes at my client firms are vastly different, the challenges in project management, technology, digital & content strategy are all too similar.

I have always provided clients with project management, digital, mobile, technology, social, and content plans that are technology agnostic, based on available data & analytics, and which can be implemented in any tech stack that a client has the applicable licenses and available development resources for. I also am able to provide strategies and roadmaps towards a truly holistic vision for enterprise programs at any size firm, with the KPIs, metrics, governances, systems, and resources to provide CMOs CIOs, and CDOs (Chief Digital and Data Officers) with an easy to digest view of their programs. This process allows for rapid optimization and the ability to achieve agreed upon targets in a manageable timeframe. From my years of experience, I have established relationships with top tier digital resources in design, technology, and big data development

some of My typical Deliverables:

  • Project and Program Management timelines, resources and budgets

  • Digital Transformation Roadmaps, resource plans, operating models

  • Product Roadmap and Complete Specifications

  • Agile Project Management including configuring systems, training manuals & sessions, day to day coaching materials

  • Detailed Business Requirements, with Feature/functionality prioritization

  • Audit workflows, processes, Agile transformation & training/coaching

  • Technology Strategy and Application Architecture (I don't do hands on dev but I work on everything else)

  • Big Data analysis, mapping from source repositories to ETLs/curation to data lakes

  • Technology Integration - Mapping and detailed flows of systems and data integration from front end to mid tier (messaging bus) to back end (ERP & analytics)